Netsteps has been building the entire Digital promotion strategy of Navy & Green

Navy & Green is now one of the most popular brands in the men fashion industry with high quality products that are comfortable as well as trendy.

For the last year we have been cooperating with the brand and we are responsible for managing their digital marketing strategy. We empower the brand’s online presence through performance marketing having set as our goal brand awareness and sales increase.

Our aim has been to help Navy & Green connect with consumers and promote their products. We have managed t increase conversions and find new audiences using  combination of advertising and innovation that helps them grow their businesses in ever-changing ways.

We have been creating a unique value proposition for our customer using all available media such as Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram, e mail marketing and content marketing. All campaigns are trackable and measurable down to the click.

We intend to keep increasing the efficiency of digital marketing channels for our customers by gaining a deeper understanding of the effect they had on the business.