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For medium to large scale B2C and B2B industries we deliver omni-shopping experiences.
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We do research on  your company and your industry and based on our experience we create an effctive business plan that will meet your specific needs. We develop your ebusiness strategy in order to achieve desired results and we assume a consulting role to help your online continuous growth.


The project is assigned to a specific team of certified developers and experienced professionals who work together  on achieving the best possible results for your company.


Through continuous optimization of your website as well as your Performance Marketing strategy we help your company grow online and increase the percentage of visitors who become your next customers.







Monitor your ecommerce success 

Monitor is a Greek search engine & online monitoring platform for social media, blogs, news sites and forums.

See how it can help you elevate your eshop success through useful insights : 

  • Map your online presence
  • Find out your products and brands’ impact and adjust your strategic decisions accordinlgy.
  • Study your competition through time. What promoting methods do they prefer?
  • Do they use content marketing? Influencers? How often do they post?
  • Monitor owned, paid and earned mentions. Discover new opportunities
  • Discover influencers and ambassadors

Never miss a thing! 


Monitor benefits for Brands:

  • Map your online presence by volume, impact, channel, sentiment, demographics
  • Evaluate and report going back in time
  • Study your competition, category and discover opportunities
  • Set industry KPIs more effectively
  • Discover influencers and ambassadors


Meet some of the biggest companies in Greece

 from various industries

that trust Monitor on a daily basis:

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