Counting over 10 years of expertise in eCommerce & treating our partners’ businesses as if they were our own, we may lead your way to growth faster.

Specification Doc

Do you want a successful project? Then, you have to start from a specification document written by Digital Commerce Experts. Not having a spec document or having an incomplete and unprofessional one, will lead you to

a) missing deadlines

b) unexpected costs and

c) increased risk for a dropped project.

Ordino, our Consulting Department, is here to help you.

Technical Consulting

Marketing and Software Technologies Landscape could only be described as an ocean. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, it’s crucial to select the mix that will best fit your needs. Ordino will analyze your brand’s needs and your structure and will prepare the technology recipe that will lead your business to success.


Our recruitment team is here to help you. It’s true that most companies struggle to find the appropriate employees in order to fulfill their needs – there enters Ordino: our unique methodology will provide you with profiles that match your requests.


Thanks to our customer base and our 60+ professionals, we ‘ve developed a huge knowledge base that is ready-to-share with you. We are here to train your employees with custom learning programs in sectors such as:

Digital marketing

Data analytics

Software Development

(Magento, Shopify, WordPress)

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