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  • I.IEK Xyni

    Educational restitution

  • NISSOS Beer

    Let’s travel in the Cycladic Islands!

  • MP illumination

    Web design that highlight the company’s international profile

  • Digea

    Web design that drives viewers to the new era

  • Communication Effect

    Digital applications that bring ideas to life


    E-commerce success measured by results

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Building e-shops that lead to loyal customers

We build e-shops that manage to convert visitors in satisfied, loyal customers.

Using our beloved Magento platform


We design and build advanced solutions for advanced needs

Having the necessary experience and a well trained team we undertake projects requiring greater technological expertise and build software on PHP, Java, .Net but also more specialized technologies that may be demanded.


Building trust with your audience

We empower your online presence, we build together the strategy that will increase brand awareness and sales, we design and implement your digital campaign.

Web design that fits your business needs

We build effective solutions designed according to your company’s needs in order to create a dynamic website, a modern corporate presentation that identifies you. We give priority to User Experience. Users must have easy and direct access to information you need to communicate and at the same time a sense of your corporate identity.


Reach your audience on the go

Mobile apps help you sell, inform and communicate with your customers wherever they are. We create mobile applications tailored to your needs.


Ψάχνουμε προγραμματιστή Junior και Senior!

Θέλεις να δουλέψεις σε μια νέα ομάδα με νέα και πολύ ενδιαφέροντα έργα πληροφορικής;  … Read More

To Mediterranean College συνεργάζεται με τη Netsteps για τη δημιουργία της νέας του ιστοσελίδας

To Mediterranean College είναι  το πρώτο Ελληνικό αγγλόφωνο ιδιωτικό Κολλέγιο με τη μεγαλύτερη ιστορική διαδρομή… Read More

Η Netsteps αναλαμβάνει και δημιουργεί το νέο website του κορυφαίου εκπαιδευτικού Ομίλου Ξυνή

Τα ΙΕΚ ΞΥΝΗ, από το 1993, καταθέτουν με συνέπεια και αξιοπιστία τις υπηρεσίες τους στο χώρο της Ποιοτικής… Read More

Νέα συνεργασία Νavy&Green με τη Netsteps

Nέα συνεργασία για το τμήμα Digital Marketing της Netsteps, η οποία ανέλαβε τη δημιουργία και… Read More