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Psichogios Publications has been in the book business for 40 years, having more than 4.500 titles and 2.000 e-books for every age and genre. Being the most loved publication house according to Metron Analysis from 2011 until now, the brand keeps on aiming to offer high-quality books for the education and entertainment of Greek readers.

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Offering an omnichannel experience means being able to serve your customers at full capacity, both offline and online. This requires full integration of your eShop with the ERP and CRM systems. Moreover, we integrated Psichogios’s Loyalty System into their new eShop, so that its loyal members can still take advantage of their points.

Each book is a whole world. That’s why we designed a “whole new world” for kids’ books category! You may choose to visit the kids or toys section from the main menu and you are immediately transferred to a happy and bright eShop – different logo, colors and graphics carrying you to a fun world!

Offering many alternatives equals to a unique shopping experience! On Psichogios eShop you may pre-order your hard-copy or buy your e-book. But what’s more is that you may choose your gift wrapping and include your personalized gift card. Offer the best service to your customers and they will return. Small details that upgrade their experience grant the wow-effect.

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