Netsteps provides a wide range of design, developement and digital marketing services

We focus on creative and effective solutions for our customers by designing and developing websites that fit your needs, e-shops that sell your products & ideas, applications that bring results. We also create a strong digital presence for your business by designing and implementing the most suitabel digital marketing campaign.


Magento E-commerce solutions flat-circle-magento-logo

Building Magento e-shops that lead to loyal customers


We build e-shops that manage to convert visitors in satisfied, loyal customers.

We are Magento certified developers.


For the creation of your e-shop we use the Magento platform, the most used platform for e-commerce worldwide.


We give priority to the following functions :


  • Integration with ERP & CRM already existing systems of your company
  • Automatic import of products from third party sources
  • Magento Custom components development to serve your special needs
  • A/B testing : we test changes to your page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results
  • We design your communication strategy and make all necessary actions to promote your e-shop online.

Indicative case studies

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Custom software development

We design and build advanced solutions for advanced needs


Having the necessary experience and a well trained team we undertake projects requiring greater technological expertise and build software on PHP, Java, .Net but also more specialized technologies that may be demanded.


Until today we have develop technologically sophisticated projects as :


  • Βig Data
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)
  • Scientific Applications
  • Database driven & report applications
  • Search engines



Indicative case studies

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Web design that fits your business needs


We build effective solutions designed according to your company’s needs in order to create a dynamic website, a modern corporate presentation that identifies you. We give priority to User Experience. Users must have easy and direct access to information you need to communicate and at the same time a sense of your corporate identity.


We create websites according to your company’s needs and the products or services you need to promote.


  • We focus on User Experience to make sure that visitors not only will remain on our page but will also be converted to customers.
  • We choose WordPress the most popular CMS for web development today that offers flexibility, ease of use, simplicity and a huge community of users and developers.
  • We make sure we build webistes with responsive design, compatible with all the latest technologies such as mobile, tablets, etc. so that the visitor can have full access to your website everywhere.
  • Having deep knowledge and experience in social media, we create your social media profile that you have a strong presence that will boost your sales.
  • We also focus on the compatibility of your website with search engines (SEO friendly)

Indicative case studies

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Digital marketing solutions

Building trust with your audience


We empower your online presence, we build together the strategy that will increase brand awareness and sales, we design and implement your digital campaign.


The goal of any digital campaign is to create a trusting relationship with customers and result in return on your investment. We use all the tools necessary tools in order to achieve that.


  • Google adwords: Creating, managing and optimizing a Google adwords campaign requires specialized knowledge. Certified partners of Google Adwords working with Netsteps have acquired this Knowledge.
  • Search Engine Optimization: We carry out all necessary actions to optimize your website so that it ranks as high as possible in search results.
  • Social media marketing : We promote your business through all available Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) in order to strengthen your relationship with consumers.
  • Facebook applications: We empower your relationship with your Facebook fans creating apps that engage them to spread your brand and build customer loyalty.

Indicative case studies

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