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The Next Generation for Digital Commerce is here!

It’s called PWA, standing for Progressive Web App and helps you achieve your dream speed, driving SEO and performance to the sky while providing reliable, fast, and engaging experiences regardless of the device.

Netsteps welcomes PWA technology in Greece and opens a new gate of, free of boundaries and quick, mobile user experience.

The Greek market is ready to adapt to this new progressive technology, with the first successful project of the Galerie de Beauté e-shop, handcrafted by us.

 New technology leads to new questions arising, so let us introduce you to the PWA technology!

What is it?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an app that uses modern web capabilities to offer users a far better experience than a native app. It’s a hybrid between a website and an app, and was first created by Google.

It doesn’t matter if your eShop is built on Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce or custom made; PWA fits you! It’s open-source, platform-agnostic and performance-driven.

Progressive Web Apps Provide Multi-experience Performance and Capabilities


Why PWA?

Because it’s the future of digital Commerce. And it’s already here.
And it offers:

Instant installation

Instant Installation

By an “Add to Home” button on your website, it’s installed immediately to user’s device

Amazing speed

Amazing speed

Enjoy unmatched speed



PWA is indexable by Google and leads to extraordinary Google’s Lighthouse rates

Instant checkout

Instant checkout

PWA materializes the long-desired instant checkout

Device and Platform agnostic

Device and Platform agnostic

There is no need of developing different apps for different marketplaces (Google Play, Apple Store)

Native functionalities

Native functionalities

Camera access, push notifications, home-screen access and full-screen mode

In-store tool

In-store tool

Integrate it in physical stores for countless facilitations (barcodes scanning, xxx) and drive offline to online sales



No need for custom updates, as everything is always up-to-date

Multiply your eShop’s conversion rate and engagement, whilst lowering bounce rate

Take your eShop to the next level with no separate mobile apps

Scale up your users’ experience and your own profits

Let's take a look




conversion rate


mobile revenue

And many more on the go...

PWA established in Greece


Galerie de Beauté

The first PWA implementation in Greece is handcrafted by NetSteps and has resulted not only in amazing functionalities, but also in some extraordinary results!

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