Magento Development

YOUNIQUE is the first Greek fashion marketplace targeting the Outlet market. Younique is based on Magento's Platform and we’ve used PWA technology to ensure a unique mobile experience for its users.

Ecommerce Development​

Progressive Web App

Technological accomplishment

Younique is installed on mobile with just one click, offering unparalleled navigation speed, while significantly increasing user engagement. Our PWA delivers a personalized shopping experience tailored to your unique preferences. Browse the latest collections, receive real-time updates on exclusive releases, and enjoy a frictionless checkout process, all without the need for downloads or updates. With lightning-fast loading times and offline capabilities, our PWA ensures you stay connected to the latest fashion trends anytime, anywhere.

A complex information technology project we are proud to achieve, that aspires to bring its professional idea very close to the largest Greek marketplaces. We have installed multiple technologies, offering users a unique experience of high personalization, connecting multiple suppliers’ warehouses to its ERP and providing a fully equipped technology with everything it needs to spread its wings abroad.

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