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SKLAVENITIS S.A. is a fully Greek company in the retail sale of food, consumer goods and durable goods, with over 450 stores in Greece and 18 in Cyprus. Sklavenitis Cyprus entrusted us as consultants for their eCommerce Platform.

Ecommerce Development​

eCommerce Consultancy


Low-Code Development

We were entrusted with the important role of guiding and executing the eCommerce platform, therefore we held a series of targeted workshops in order to meticulously domument and analyze the business needs at hand.
We’ve mapped out the technological topology, laying the groundwork for what would be a comprehensive tech strategy. This involved a deep dive into the existing systems and technologies in use, assessing their capabilities, and identifying areas for improvement or integration.
We’ve developed a detailed blueprint, laying out a strategic plan that encompassed all aspects of the ecommerce platform’s implementation. This blueprint served as a roadmap, guiding the project from concept to completion, ensuring that all components worked harmoniously and met the desired objectives.

Netsteps was instrumental in crafting specific User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scenarios. In addition, we proposed the integration of Adobe Commerce as a key solution, with a focus on optimizing the front-end experience using Vuestoerfront. This decision was made to leverage the robust capabilities of Adobe Commerce in creating a dynamic, scalable, and user-centric online shopping experience.
The implementation phase was meticulously planned and executed, overseeing every step. This involved coordinating with various teams, managing resources, and continuously monitoring progress to ensure timely and successful completion.

We’ve undertaken the support and expansion of the portal application of Sklavenitis Greece, which will be a world of innovation and efficiency in the field of human resources! The application is created using the Low-Code Platform of Outsystems, in which NetSteps is the only Greek Partner company.

We’ve optimized and extended the existing flows and we’ve created new ones based on HR needs. Indicatively, procedures were performed for adhoc payroll receipt updates, updating the database from third party systems, changing personal information, updating protected member data as well as upgrade modules or use of appropriate modules based on needs and resolving performance issues.

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