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Ploom is an innovative heated tobacco product by Japan Tobacco International and we are happy to introduce you its online localization to Greece.

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Data Intelligence

Leveraging customer data for CRM campaigns and localizing the eShop for the Greek market via Adobe Experience Cloud delivers a premium and personalized experience.

Adobe Experience Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and optimizing customer experiences. By localizing the eShop and utilizing CRM campaigns, Ploom aims to deliver a premium and personalized experience to Greek consumers. This integration signifies a strategic move to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Through the thorough study and analysis of event data & customer attributes, as well as segmentation by our data experts, the Ploom experience becomes more personalized and engaging, while optimizing the brand’s online sales channels. This partnership is a testament to the commitment of both companies to deliver a personalized, world-class digital experience tailored to the preferences of Greek consumers.

NetSteps through the creative use of artificial intelligence combined with the strategic use of real-time user data through Adobe Experience Cloud powers seamless content management and personalized CRM campaigns, delivering an immersive e-commerce experience to the Greek audience.

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