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nrg is one of the leading energy suppliers in Greece that offers energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Offering better online customer support, getting more social and bringing more quality leads required a combination of brand awareness successful tactics, content that drives engagement and a customer support of great results.

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Every leading brand in its industry has to present a consistent look and feel on every touchpoint – while differentiated and customized to each social platform. Studying in depth nrg’s presence and taking it into new fields was our goal. Greater engagement with social media posts, bigger website traffic from social media and a much more clear brand perception from its competitors are some of our results.

We are the voice of the brand behind every online channel for customer support. Social Community Management from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. is of high importance, as it shapes the one-to-one relationship with the brand and completes our client-centered perception. We have been able to efficiently serve more than 10.000 messages, getting the badge of 100% responsiveness on facebook with 8 minutes response time.

Video campaign virality and quality leads of high volume via high-targeted ads are some of the features that shape our ad strategy -which yields brand awareness and more customers. A sharp increase of website traffic -up to 88%- and a historic low cost per lead is just few of our key results.


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