IDER already counts 59 years in the Greek market, pioneering in the field of tights. Expanding its field of action into other brands in the field of clothing and into the digital world, the need to strengthen the search engine ranking was a key pillar of the marketing strategy we proposed to our partner.




6month Results

  • A detailed Website Audit was carried out, during which we identified all the issues that the website was facing and the proper ways of solving them were proposed. We focused more on the technical characteristics of the website, which affected the indexing of the website by Google (Sitemaps, robots.txt, UX/UI, Analytics, Rendering Check, Bing Webmaster Tools set up).
  • Guided by the Website Audit, we resolved all the issues found, prioritizing those that had the greatest impact in terms of rankings.
  • Keyword Research was carried out for the category of tights and its sub-categories, as this is the core product of the brand.
  • We ‘ve added Meta Data (Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions) in all the categories that did not exist, while optimizing the existing ones based on Keyword Research findings.
  • We’ve enhanced specific Keywords that we wanted to improve their rank, as a part of our overall strategy on internal linking, where the appropriate strategy was followed based on the Search Intent that users have on the website.
  • We’ve optimized the already existing article about tights (Added new information, enriched with appropriate Keywords, added Schema Mark up).
  • Changes were made to the structure and the UI of the website in order to improve the User Experience and to optimize all the quality KPIs (Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate).
  • 141.05% increase in Organic Traffic
  • 72.8% increase in Organic Impressions in related searches
  • 0.8% CTR increase
  • Average position improvement by 8 positions
  • Increase in e-Commerce Conversion Rate from Organic channel by 73.06%
  • Increase in the total number of transactions from the Organic channel by 232.56%
  • Increase in Revenue from the Organic channel by 169.97%
  • Increase in New Users by 78.24%
  • 3.44% Bounce Rate Reduction


Reaching cult status in no time.

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