Meet the customer

Vermantia is a global leader in innovative and immersive gaming content. The company specializes in the creation, aggregation, management and cross platform delivery of virtual games, casino, lottery, mobile and social games for gaming operators worldwide. Based on its extensive portfolio and proprietary gaming platform, as well as its global content partnerships, Vermantia create custom services to meet the needs of players in each market.

Vermantia needed a new, dynamic, UX advanced website to project the company’s best image and present the high quality services the company can provide to customers and potential customers tailored to their needs, requirements and particularities.


A custom WordPress theme was built for the company’s website in order create a unique look that would fit Vermantia’s image but also serve the company’s special needs.


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Vermantia achieved a complete renewal of the company’s web profile and managed to offer users a good sence of the company’s potential.

The UX/UI for each page was carefully studied and designed so that each page of the website can offer a positive experience to the user. In order to achieve this result we used advanced programming techniques and all available latest technologies.