Meet the customer

Since 1969, TSAKIRIS MALLAS stands out, for the high-end fashion creations, targeting the contemporary audience. TSAKIRIS MALLAS has no borders and refuses to be compatible to norms. Switching between a mismatch of diverse elements is vital in the design process. Sensitivity that is often followed by boldness, traditional elements paired with flexibility and passion combined with comfort and realness.

The brand needed a complete renewal of the online image through the new e-shop created. The goal was the complete alignment of the shop with the brand’s creativity, innovation and inspired design.


Emphasis was given on the design which was based on advanced user experience, as well as on harmonizing the e-shop with the image and quality of the Tsakiris Mallas brand.

In the first two months there was already  a significant improvement of the e-shop functionality  as weel as the user experience.

Speed was increased by 45%, bounce rate was decreased by 70% while the number of pages per session increased by 60%.

Finally, a special design for the mobile version of the e-shop was made since a great percentage of users are visiting their favorite e-shops from their mobile and thus it is important for the brand to have a strong mobile presence.