Meet the customer

SMART BLADE GmbH is a dynamic and innovative company active in the field of Wind Turbine Aerodynamics. The company is committed to the development of highly innovative products and customized solutions as well as to high level research in the field of wind turbine aerodynamics and blade design.

SMART BLADE’s projects require the use of large files for engineering designs and most of them should remain confidential. Therefore there was a need for some of the engineers to share these files safely.

Thus we had to develop a reliable and secure application that allows easy and quick file sharing through a clear and attractive user interface. In Netsteps created a web and a mobile application that fully meets the needs.

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Creating a reliable and safe file management application Netsteps enhances SmartBlade contribute to the growth of the global wind energy production.

Smart Blade’s file server provides ‘Dropbox’-like functionality using ajaxplorer open-source software. In addition, it supports server synchronization and applications for tablets and moblile devices.