Meet the customer

Sandra has a long history in the Home Decoration sector in Greece. The company is constantly expanding its product range with new collections and new ideas for decoration and recreation. The company now holds one of the highest positions in the Greek market as well as at foreign countries where it distributes selected collections.

Sandra needed to highlight the company’s profile and history and promote the brands it represents in Greece and abroad through a new modern and easy to use website.


For this reason we designed a new, UX advanced website to project the company’s best image, its long-term history as well as its extensive high-quality product range. The new website also informs properly customers and partners on the company’s expanding activities.

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Except from the creation of Sandra’s new website in Netsteps we are responsible for managing the digital marketing strategy of the company’s new brand Sophia. We empower the brand’s online presence having set as our goal brand awareness and sales increase.

SOPHIA – Enjoy Thinking is a new brand that promotes the Greek history and art as well as the Greek passion and wisdom by distributing unique design items.


In Netsteps, we build the entire Digital promotion strategy using all available channels such as Google Adwords and social media as well as Content Marketing techniques in order to communicate with the best possible way the brand’s  special identity , build a trusting relationship with customers and attract new ones.