Meet the customer

Pet Honest was created by a group of young people with undivided love for pets. Their goal was not only to create an online store for pet owners but also  to help them in matters relating to health, nutrition and behavior of their small friends.

The idea was to create a convenient and reliable online shop that actively demonstrates the company’s love for animals. The company wanted to assume an advisory role also. As a result, the user is able to create his own profile and cover all his pet’s needs through it. The new e-shop offers animal lovers the ideal solutions for their pets through a fast and pleasant navigation.

We created an e-shop based on the latest web design and user interface standards, fully compatible with all devices. Α mobile interface was generated using adaptive technology in order to enable users  to browse and shop directly from their mobiles.


Providing an exceptional service to its customers was of outmost importance for Pet Honest. For this reason, the new e-shop includes functionality that will make the user interaction more efficient and pet shopping a fun experience!

The e-shop was interfaced with ERP via web services for automated update from the online store to inventory control and automated key procedures.