Meet the customer

PEFA is a non-profit organization with qualified members from the entire range of farming activities  focused on the active participation in educating and modernizing farmers in order to enable them to meet new challenges and opportunities.

We created a well designed website for P.E.F.A through which the organization can disclose its identity and objectives and also provide information to producers and institutions about actions and developments of the agricultural sector.


PEFA can display services provide to farmers through the new website: the possibility to submit the IACS Statement through the website, the chance to participate in Producer Groups etc.  All this information is provided through a friendly environment which gives visitors the opportunity to look for the information they want easily and quickly.

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UI / UX for each page was designed in such a way that it could provide a positive user experience and fully meet information needs.

In order to meet the website’s purpose, we implemented a special Q&Α mechanism in order to create a knowledge base. Visitors can submit questions and problems to relevant institutions but also give answers thus creating an information exchange forum.