Meet the customer

The Novascientia team is formed by a programming team which works in close collaboration with the business development managers and the technical directors. The team’s background in the engineering and the chemical – pharmaceutical sector gives them a unique insight in the needs of modern industry. Novascientia’s aim is to revolutionize the traditional, established work methodology of scientists, engineers and managers by developing cost effective applications that offer unique possibilities to the users.

We created a professional website which promotes the corporate image of Novascientia but also the possibility of the company to make customers’ job easier, faster and more effective through its products and services.


We also built the company’s e-shop using the Magento platform as well as custom mechanisms in order to fully support the effective promotion of the company’s projects.

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Νetsteps also offers supporting services in the development of specific projects that Novascientia undertakes  such as the following :

  • Nova-Patent Premium: a powerful tool to assess IP prior art and evaluate patent strength. Easy to use and with plenty of smart features, an ultimate guide through the whole patent field.
  • NovaScholar: An application that helps users search for academic literature, between a vast number of open access technical reports, articles, journals and publications