Meet the customer

NISSOS is much more than a great beer. It is an expression of Greek creativity and is an all-natural artisanal beer with a delicious, distinctive flavor. Lovingly made by real people, driven by curiosity, imagination, creativity and a passion for quality beer at an award-winning microbrewery in their beloved island home.

In the Cycladic microbrewery they identify themselves with quality craft beers made on a small scale. Beers brewed by people who care, not some faceless multinational company. Beers made to be the best, not the cheapest.


Therefore we needed to create a website that could highlight the company’s profile and promote its products in Greece and abroad in such a way as to transmit the special nature of the company and the beer crafted with passion and with a higher aim in mind to create a value chain that benefits everyone, from suppliers and distributors to bar owners, restaurateurs and the Greek islands society at large.

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We created a modern website with focus on images and the travel feeling we wanted to transmit. The website was based on an evolved user experience and incorporates features that offer the best user experience.


A parallax technique was used to create a sense of motion that goes beyond the classic scrolling and plays with the beautiful images and texts.


The user can be browsed in the company’s brewery, read their history and how the beer is crafted, learn how to plan a visit or event in the premises of the brewery, and even be informed about the Cyclades islands…Browsing through the Nissos website is a pleasant journey and that was our bet.