Meet the customer

E-secretary was created by professionals of the insurance industry and the electronic filing sector. Τhe company is active in Information Technology and specialized in software development combined with services like digitization of records and data entry, exclusively for insurance agencies.

Wish is an application developed by e-secretary that covers automated data processing actions of an insurance agency.


Ε-secretary needed to further develop the application offering the insurance sector a reliable tool  that could cover all necessary procedures of an insurance agency  and a document management system that can manage and display digitized files in order to be easily retrieved when needed.

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The Netsteps experienced team managed quickly and accurately to analyze special features of the current system and develop all necessary modifications and additions in order to create an integrated and fully extensible software.

We used big data technologies, suitable for the development of complex procedures that are necessary for fully supporting the needs of an insurance agency.


Today e-secretary, with Netsteps’ support is able to help insurance agencies focus on customers.