Meet the customer

IPG Mediabrands was founded by Interpublic Group  in 2007 to manage all of its global media-related assets. Today that the company manages and invests $37 billion in global media on behalf of their clients, and operates in more than 127 countries.

There was a need for IPG Mediabrands to demonstrate customers the positive correlation between their investment in advertising on Facebook and their statistics. Thus we created Socialight, a new tool that captures the contribution of paid advertisements on FB to the increase of the organic engagement and fans.


The concept of the Socialight development is that any decision users of the FB make, has a value which can be translated into monetary terms. Socialight calculates and automatically assigns the earned media value in euros, dollars or whatever currency unit for each interaction.


For the creation of this reliable tool Netsteps used the necessary technologies in order to achieve synchronization and real time updating of Facebook data so that it can effectively help marketers to understand, measure and fully evaluate the effects of these paid activities.

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By launching Socialight, IPG Mediabrands acquired a reliable tool for the efficient allocation of clients’ media budget.

The ease of use and installation of Socialight helps to answer questions such as: what is the optimal investment in paid advertising, how earned value is affected by  the number of fans, what type of content leads to greater engagement, what is the ideal posting frequency which contributes to engagement increase and  page dropout rate reduction , what are  the conclusions drown from the comparison between Facebook pages managed by an agency, etc.