Meet the customer

Since 1993, IEK XYNI offers consistent and reliable services in the field of Quality Education and is today the leading name in Greek private education. Experience, tradition and prestige are the major characteristic of the educational institution.

The major requirement on behalf of IEK XYNI was a fresh and different approach to the operations and educational sectors. The challenge was a bog one since IEK XINI is one of the largest educational institutions in Greece.


The institution consists of different schools and each one has many different departments. At the same time IEK XINI is an organization with many activities that had to be highlighted through the use of different images, videos and vector graphics. It was very important to highlight the Group’s benefits and services using high quality graphics.


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The challenge here was to create a website based on the latest user experience techniques so that it could intrigue the candidate students but also highlight the institute’s facilities and offering services.

In order to develop the portal, research was done on the educational sector as well as the target audience. Main focus was on user experience, the structure of information and of course design so that the website could be a medium to attract and enroll students. The development was done in WordPress CMS platform.