Meet the customer

Digea – Digital Services Provider S.A. is the company that has been formed by the privately-owned nationwide television stations ALPHA, ALTER, ANTΕΝΝΑ, MAKEDONIA TV, MEGA, SKAI and STAR. The company’s core service offerings involve networking, multiplexing and broadcasting for privately-owned nationwide as well as privately-owned regional television stations in Greece.

Digea’s responsibility is to guide and facilitate the smooth and effective transition to the new digital era, taking an active role as a trusted partner in the project of digital switchover in Greece. For this reason, the company decided to redesign their online profile by launching a new portal which would not only projectthe company’s corporate identity but also a useful tool for its users.

The portal’s design was created preserving Digea’s profile and corporate identity. At the main page our beloved Poppy informs us on the company’s news and actions.


Digea’s new portal was built with Responsive design in order  to be compatible with all the latest technologies such as mobile phones, tablets etc , using a custom CMS platform in order to be able to serve specific customer needs.


Our main priority was to create a tool that would enable the user with great ease, just by putting the area,see exactly the antennas that serve him and which of these is the ideal for him.





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  • digea-2
  • digea-3

Digea’s new portal gave everyone the opportunity to discover a brand new world: The technologically advanced, affordable and friendly world of digital terrestrial television.

There was still a need to inform the public on the regional digital channels’ programs as there was no information point.


We created an automatic mechanism where each channel can enter its program and display it on Digea’s site.