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Meet The Client

SkinCare Manifesto has been operating in the pharmaceutical, health-care & beauty sector since 1983. The company runs a pharmacy store in Katerini providing health-care products and services. The company’s aim is to expand their activities to other countries so they decided to create a modern and reliable online store.

Cross Border

We created a globally-equipped ecommerce website that sells to consumers around the world. Actually the eshop is localized in Spain ( but also sells internationally ( Doing business globally over the internet is a great business decision and we managed to help the company achieve this goal and open up in foreign countries successfully.

Marketing Tools

The main goal has been to maximize sales using marketing and promotional features built into the eshop. Marketing tools are incorporated in the design thus implementing a content marketing strategy that can lead to continuously increased sales by offering customers different choices such as related products, free gift combinations, loyalty point systems and keeping them informed at any moment through their navigation.

Mobile Version

In order to make an online business successful it is very important to keep in mind visitors from mobile devices. Our goal was to accelerate mobile conversions by reducing the number of steps to complete a purchase, by using sticky buy buttons, finger friendly selections and more interactive features throughout the purchasing process that keep visitors interested through gamification.

Our purpose was to build an online pharmacy that will manage to acquire new customers in foreign countries, provide these customers with a positive shopping experience and as a result help the company grow their business faster and smarter.

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