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MIGATO has been in the footwear and accessories industry since 1983. Today, the company has a leading position with an extensive retail network of 120 shops and hundreds of wholesale clients around Greece and worldwide. Through continuous development MIGATO has become one of the strongest brands in the Greek footwear industry.

Omnichannel experience

The more technology advances, the more it’s integrated into our daily lives. Providing the customer with an omnichannel experience is becoming more and more necessary. Connecting the eshop and physical stores can satisfy consumer needs in the best possible way and that is what we needed to accomplish. For example, the customer can check the product in-store availability, search for the closest store etc.

Loyalty system integration

The company’s loyalty system is also integrated with the eshop so that loyal customers can enjoy earned privileges not only at the physical stores but also when shopping online. Loyalty encourages return visits and increases sales.

Mobile version

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for online purchases, so we needed to focus on the mobile version of the eshop and provide visitors with a satisfying mobile experience. The eshop is designed using the latest technologies in order to create an optimized navigation for mobile users resulting to better brand engagement and more conversions.

Customers today are not loyal to a brand, they’re loyal to an experience. So improving customer service and rewarding systems in an omnichannel level results to increased commitment and sales.

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