Let the game begin!

Meet The Client

Kaissa SA was founded in 1985 by a group of chess players, initially as a chess shop. Soon it expanded its activities in other, innovative gaming categories. Today you can find retail outlets with a vast variety of games all over Greece As well as meeting please for players featuring weekly events where they can exchange views and enjoy playing!

B2B & B2C M2

There has been a successful migration from a custom platform to Magento 2 Community edition. The eshop is both B2B and B2C with a different custom design for each one as well as a multiwarehouse with a separate product and stock management.


Advanced user experience techniques were used in order to meet demanding customer needs for a very special market. Games needed a special presentation in order to appeal to the eshop visitors in a stimulating way.

Eshop Loading Speed

We managed to achieve a much higher loading speed, resulting in an easier and quicker navigation

We created an eshop that can enhance customer satisfaction, deliver a stimulating shopping experience and help the company grow through online sales and the best possible ecommerce environment.

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