Dynamic Ecommerce Beginning

Meet The Client

HouseBox e-shop was created with a vision to become a landmark for white linen and household products. The HouseBox team has an experience of more than 30 years in this market and cooperating with Netsteps they managed to create a complete and easy-to-use online store offering visitors a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Google Adwords

We used broad match modifier keywords during the first month in order to increase traffic and attract a targeted audience. We also used Google Dynamic Remarketing in Google Adwords, targeting non-shopping visitors with really positive results. During the second month, we created campaigns with successful exact keywords that resulted in an 25% increase in the conversion rate which reached to 95.6% at the third month.


On Facebook, our main strategy was brand awareness first and then sales. During the first month in order to attract audience, we run contests with positive results amongst our target audience (Women 25-55). Using our own NETRO (Netsteps Remarketing Optimization), we significantly increased sales and brand awareness by creating our own custom template for Dynamic Remarketing through which we can achieve:

• Differentiation from competition
• Better CTR
• Brand Awareness

Email Marketing Automation

Our primary goal was to create a proper email list which we started using during the second month with a really positive conversion rate.

We created email campaigns as well as automation campaigns like Abandoned Cart, Browsed Abandonment, Price Drop etc. through which Email Marketing became a really profitable channel with a significant conversion rate.

We launched the HouseBox e-shop 5 months ago. Today, after a really short period of time, we are excited to arrive at a break-even point through the channels we used.

Email Marketing, Google Adwords Search Campaigns, Dynamic Google Remarketing Campaigns and NETRO in Facebook really assisted with the e-shop’s direct traffic and organic sales (Direct Conversion Rate 1.01%/ Organic Search Conversion Rate 2.14%).

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