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Meet The Client

FOS company was founded in 2005 with a first shop in the Athens center. The company evolved very fast to owning a retail network of 7 shops in Attica, providing high quality lighting products as well as their expertise in the field of lighting technology. The company’s goal is to keep growing and optimizing their products and services. Thus the next step to take was to create an eshop and achieve a strong online presence.


We created a modern, dynamic user interface that makes the company’s ecommerce looking contemporary and relevant. It was a challenging goal since we were dealing with a special, not fast consuming product such as lighting and electrical equipment. We managed to offer the best navigation experience for visitors using smart search capabilities in order to facilitate them find what they need and enjoy their visit.

Mobile Design

Mobile design is all about speed and simplicity, so it was really important to provide users a step-by-step process to follow, minimizing the effort required to achieve their goals. We managed to do that through a sophisticated interface, meeting users’ needs and making the experience pleasant and satisfying.

Optimized mobile design attributes such as finger friendly distances, an easy call button and an upgraded checkout page were incorporated in order to meet user expectations and create an eshop that is useful, relevant, and valuable for potential mobile customers.

Performance Marketing

Netsteps while developing the eshop has also been building the Digital Marketing strategy in order to increase brand awareness and boost conversions. It has been a complete 360 project for our company combining design and development with the proper marketing techniques to promote the outcome and add value to the customer’s business.

We created an eshop that encourages the widest potential audience to stay within its pages. By placing our focus on the user we managed to help the company grow online.
Through advanced performance marketing techniques we will boost the company’s online visibility and create long lasting relationships with their customers, maintaining a continuous successful development and profitability.

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