Special design for unique handmade jewelry

Meet The Client

Catherine Bijoux is making high quality handmade jewelry and has been in the Greek market for over 25 years. It also maintains a presence abroad for over 10 years being a member of Eurofashion Bijoux, a European manufacturers’ union that is promoting jewelery made exclusively in Europe all over the world.


Replatforming the eshop has been a demanding process as the previous eshop was built in a custom platform and we had to make a data migration maintaining the website SEO value.


We developed a B2B/ B2C eshop since the company needed to appeal to retail customers as well as professional associates.


We created a modern and user-friendly website with emphasis on user satisfaction, which incorporates features that provide the best possible experience to visitors.

Since most modern consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for online purchases, we placed particular emphasis on the mobile version of the eshop which was designed with a sophisticated user interface for a pleasant navigation and usability. A sticky Menu was used to allow ease of access to the eshop core functionalities.

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