New Brand, New Online Inspiration

Meet The Client

C9 Cloud 9 by L was created by professionals with a deep experience in fashion. Their aim is to elevate the standard of fashion and inspire women to create style but at the same time stay true to themselves, keeping their personality alive and authentic! Therefore, their motto is get dressed, stay naked!

Magento Development

Magento features are ever evolving with the consumer in mind. This is exactly what is needed from a new brand in order to offer potential customers an impeccable online experience. Our expertise in ecommerce combined with Magento rich operating features provided our customer with a secure and productively running e-business.


A new fashion brand needs a strong presence with a state of the art eshop. Cloud 9 by L is a new brand with a special concept, exquisite styles and high quality fabric. All this needed to be communicated through the brand’s online store so we placed particular emphasis on the design in order to create an eshop that sells more than just clothes, an eshop that sells online fashion experience.

Branding/Performance Marketing

New brand, new challenge! Starting from scratch, we are happy to establish a visual identity for our customer and develop their overall brand strategy. We use our experience in the fashion industry in order to create inspiring campaigns, build a strong presence for Cloud 9 by L and connect it to the people who matter the most.

Creating an inspirational fashion store is not enough! Our aim is to keep optimizing the online store and at the same time keep getting the C9 brand in front of the ideal audience so they become aware of the brand, shop the products, and ultimately turn into brand ambassadors.

Bring your own project.

We are ready for the challenge.