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George Karameros studied Journalism in Athens and London. In 1993 he began the sports reportage. Thereafter he has worked, among others, with Antenna TV, radio stations Xenios 94.3 and REAL FM 97.8 and he currently presents a daily news broadcast on web TV. He is the director of the news portal and cofounder of He has been a member of ESIEA since 2002. was created for George Karameros aiming to offer visitors the opportunity to have easy access to all news posted on the internet in real time. Visitors of are informed through over 300 sources.


Netsteps created an aggregator for the collection, grouping and locating relevant news from major blogs and news sites.

  • blog-1
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  • blog-3, created by Netsteps it is today one of the most popular news portals … so that no information is missed.

We used specialized search engines in order to achieve for speed of results and performed extensive Search Engine Optimization for the best possible ranking in search engines.