Meet the customer

ATLOG SA has been active in the area of logistics since 1996 as a consequence of the professional activities of its founder Mr. Xenophon Pitaoulis. Since then the company has gained considerable experience and expertise in performing daily logistics tasks through partnerships with major multinational companies as well as Greek ones.  The successful outcome of these collaborations established ATLOG among the top companies in the Logistics sector.


ATLOG aims to offer customers the best Logistics services. In order to be able to achieve this, a reliable upgrade of the company’s Warehouse Management System was needed.


Netsteps implemented this upgrade and added new features such as:


  • A Windows reporting application through the system.
  • Product serial number recording possibility using the barcode scanner directly from a tablet & direct recording of product data on the invoice.
  • attiki-kinisi-1
  • attiki-kinisi-2
  • attiki-kinisi-3

By building the extension of the Warehouse Management System , we managed to help ATLOG provide the most contemporary Logistics services to customers

We plugged-in important new features to the system that serve the daily logistics operations such as:


  • Inventory Applications
  • Product grouping Applications
  • Monitoring palette content
  • Monitoring inventory / customer
  • Collecting and packing of orders before delivery